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Appointment Services for France Visa, Amman

An Appointment is Mandatory to apply for the Schengen Visa At the Embassy of FRANCE in AMMAN, JORDAN. All the information related to documents will be available on Make a call at the call center number: +962-6585-5818  to book your Appointment. Please keep your passport handy to provide the required information.
Important Note - Every Applicant needs to carry the Appointment Letter (which will have his/her name and passport number) with him/her to the appointment. Information provided while booking the Appointment must be accurate and true as per the passport.

Appointment booking process

Step 1

Make a call to call center
number   +962-6585-5818

Step 2

Provide accurate information as per passport

Step 3

Make a payment Online for the Appointment booking

Step 4

Get the Appointment Letter and Payment Invoice on your email

To know the Documents Requirements

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