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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

To ensure maximum satisfaction to the esteemed customer / clients / buyers, MVA International has in place a very straight forward and transparent cancellation policy. Illustrated below are important pointers of our cancellation and refund policy. In the event of cancellation, you are responsible to notify us in advance via email to

  • Booking of appointment through the MVA call center is a paid service as guided by the French Embassy in Jordan. An appointment booking can only be confirmed once the payment has been made.

  • Once an appointment has been confirmed and the payment has been made, it will not be refunded as the services for booking has already been availed.

  • In an event of cancellation of appointment, there would be no refund issued.

  • An applicant can only avail a rescheduling of appointment, which can only be done Once after the payment has been accepted. You can only reschedule your appointment 24 hours in Advance.

  • It is a responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they provide accurate information while booking the appointment and double check the details, once an appointment has been booked, there is no provision to edit the detail as they are submitted with the Embassy.

  • The Embassy will not entertain any applicant if they find that there is a mismatch in the appointment booking data and passport.


Notre société est fière de compter sur une équipe hautement qualifiée et dévouée, qui s'engage pleinement à fournir un service d'information et d'application des visas efficace et efficient à nos clients. Nous nous engageons également à fournir aux ambassades des services fiables et fiables pour assurer le meilleur service de demande de visa et de sécurité.