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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • As per Embassy of France in Jordan, Booked appointments can be reschedule can be reschedule only for once free of charges as per availability of the appointment slots.

  • Please bear the charges for the appointment booking, if you are rescheduling the booked appointment for the second time.

To be on the safe side please make sure to book your appointment at least 15 days before the date of travel. Opting to apply! knowing that your travel date is less than 15 days away. Will be on your own risk and you exonerate the embassy and MVA international from any repercussions.

All applicants, Adults and/or Children, MUST have their own online visa appointment. Applicants, Adults and/or Children, MUST print and bring this confirmation page with you. Because without it you will not be able to enter the center.

The Visa Application will be processed according to Embassy directives. Approval and refusal of the Visa is entirely up to the respective Embassy. MVA international or any of its staff members do not have any influence or say in this decision.

While MVA international make every effort possible to keep the information accurate, current and running smoothly, MVA international take no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond the control of MVA international.

Visa applicants are solely responsible for the applications they submit. Any false documents or other misrepresentation of the personal information in support of their application will have the consequences according to the rule of that particular Embassy.

Data Protection Policy

During the appointment procedure, personal information may be transferred via MVA international network for backup saving, and for storage on MVA international backup servers in another premise, so as to ensure that the visa application process is secure and avoid any loss of collected data. This type of transfer is performed using a secure protocol and encryption by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The backup action will perform through encryption mechanism to make sure the anonymity of the data. The applicant’s consent thus relates expressly to the transmission of personal information.

Applicant personal information will be used exclusively for the visa process and will not be disclosed to any third party other than the respective embassies.

About Us

Our company proudly boasts a highly qualified and dedicated team, who are fully committed to providing an effective and efficient visa information and application service to our customers. We are also committed to providing Embassies with trustworthy and reliable services to ensure the best possible visa application service and security.